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Have You Recovered Yet?

Contractors should educate owners and facility managers on how they can recover costs. By Greg Hayne “Recovery” is the term a professional building manager uses when he takes the invoice you send him for a leak repair and “recovers” your fees by passing them along to others to pay. Perhaps the best example of this is where a property manager takes your invoice for a “leak” that turned out to be an HVAC issue, not the roof, and back charges the tenant, because HVAC maintenance is the tenant’s responsibility, thus making you “free” and making him/her (and you) look good [...]

Millennial Employees are the Future of the Industry

In order to retain millennial employees, companies need to start changing. As a trainer and consultant to roofing companies, I have the opportunity to work with many roofing contractors. A recurring theme surrounding hiring new employees is understanding the millennial generation and how to ensure that their work environment is one that will keep them loyal and happy. A recent article by Michael Maccoby and Tim Scudder discusses the topic of millennials and refers to them as ‘interactives.’ They see themselves as free agents who want to work for employers who will train them for their next job in another company or [...]

A Magic Word

Contractors who understand the power of this word should see results that feel like magic. By Greg Hayne As a trainer of commercial roofing contractor service departments one of the things I’ve noticed with the contractors I train is that most of them do not understand how professional managers look at or think about their roofing investments. Unless you are quite different than most, it is costing you sales.  Let’s see if we can start helping you change that. I want to introduce you to a word that is not really “magic,” but when you understand it and apply it, [...]

It Just Went Click

Something just went “click.” It was unmistakable to me. Am wondering if you heard it too. By Greg Hayne As my bio indicates, I train commercial roofing contractor service departments, facilitate industry-specific peer groups and mentor/coach construction executives. Historically, most roofers could care less about service departments, viewing it as a necessary evil. They wouldn’t know what a peer group was if it reached up and bit them in the….well, if it bit them. And the idea of having somebody “coach” them to be better at running their business wasn’t a thought that they would consider. “Look how successful I [...]

How Your Great Performance is Hurting You – Part 2

To differentiate yourself in the marketplace so you can earn a higher margin with lower hassle projects you need to do more. By Greg Hayne (To read Part 1 of this series, click here.) In Part 1 we outlined some of the behaviors present in the culture of many roofing companies. These behaviors are some of the key ingredients in the success you have.  In Part 2 we will point out how these behaviors are holding you back. One way of talking about this culture is that you have to do these things to take care of yourself in order to [...]

How Your Great Performance is Hurting You – Part 1

Your great performance culture may actually be preventing you from differentiating your roofing business in the marketplace. By Greg Hayne In today’s marketplace, contractors are looking for ways for differentiating themselves. Everybody says they want better quality work: work which has higher margins, lower hassle factor, or even better, both. Have you heard the phrase: “When the only tool you have in your toolbox is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail?” Before we begin, let’s make two assumptions: 1. Let’s assume you are a commercial roofing contractor who generates a good bit of your sales in a “bid centric” [...]