Use a facilitated peer group to ditch drama, stop reinventing
the wheel, and grow your business faster and with less stress.
"The 2 days we spent togther were extremely efficient, resourceful and beneficial."
- Bryan P.
Meet 3 or 4 times a year, away from your office, so you can really work on your business rather than simply in it. And you will get great ideas too!
Implement the great ideas and other best practices without having to reinvent the wheel every step of the way.
Have people outside the company you can call when you get stuck. Plus, you have a trained coach and industry expert to help as well.
Discover the Peer Group Advantage

What Makes Us So Different?

As a member of an ESE peer group you will gain a competitive edge for your company. We call our peer groups ESE Groups, because they Educate, Stimulate and Expand your company and your leadership. Greg Hayne’s unique skills as a trained facilitator, certified coach and radical outside-the-box thinker will soon have you way ahead of your competition.

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We Educate

In meetings we share best practices and help you work on any specific challenges you are facing in yourcompany. Sometimes members will have a “been there, done that, do it like this” solution ready to go.Sometimes a member will share an unexpected “best practice” that will really help you in an important way. You will leave meetings better equipped.

We Stimulate

Beyond learning best practices and finding solutions to problems, you will be stimulated! You will bemeeting with other members who will actually understand your problems, because most of them willhave them too. You will find it refreshing and, well, stimulating to be around other professionals, justlike you.

We Expand

What really makes ESE groups special in the long term is Greg’s contributions. In Greg’s words, “I believe there are better, smarter, more innovative ways to work and what gets me up in the morning and what undergirds everything I do is helping my clients find and implement these better, smarter approaches to running our businesses.” Many years ago after participating in a brain storming meeting one participant shared with the organizer…

"Greg doesn’t think outside the box. With Greg there is no box.”

So, both during ESE formal meetings and in more private coaching sessions with members, Greg will challenge you. He will not only challenge your assumptions (and your excuses), but he will give you possible, new paths to follow. And then, he will stay with you as you walk down those paths, helping you every step of the way.

All of these things combine to create a unique environment thatwill propel you forward, more easily and quickly than you are now. It really will Supercharge your business.

"The group discussions were tailored to provoke our thoughts. They were eye-opening! Greg's natural abilities kept the group on point and moving along in an efficient manner. Outstanding!"

-John K.