A lot of people are calling themselves coaches when they really aren’t. They are consultants. (Here’s a litmus test: If somebody is telling you what to do, they are consulting, not coaching you.) True coaching is based on the idea that you are already creative, resourceful and whole. You have the resources you need. You just need help accessing them and sorting them out.

A “credentialed coach” continuously upgrades their knowledge, passes rigorous tests and takes recurring training to maintain their credentials. They also commit to operate with the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality.The Hayne Coaching Group has a team of International Coaching Federation-certified coaches – all trained and credentialed to help you and your key staff thrive. Whether you seek help for just yourself or for your entire executive team, we can handle it.

Stuck? Greg will get you unstuck. He is the guy to call when other people fail. Greg uses all tools at his disposal to help you get the result you need. If you need a solution and he already has it, then he “consults” and you get it. If you need a solution that he doesn’t already have wrapped up in a nice bow, he “coaches” and you discover it. His best successes usually involve some of both. And Greg appears to be the first and only person in the industry that is great at both.

Finding better, smarter ways to live and work, however, is not just about problem solving. It is about envisioning, creating, expanding possibilities and moving forward. It can also be about creating a better future that bears little resemblance to the past.

The Hayne Coaching Group is dedicated to getting the results you seek. This often means that there are questions that need to be asked that may make some uncomfortable. Greg will ask them anyway.

We love working with leaders, teams and organizations that share our core philosophies, people who can appreciate the values we live and the value we deliver. We push the boundaries that need to be pushed. We love collaborating with clients who share this mindset.

Coaching is an interactive process. It is best appreciated by experiencing it.

Good coaches understand that, so we offer an introductory coaching session at no cost or obligation. Clients tell us the session does two things. First, it allows you to begin to see how coaching can bring you tangible value. Secondly, it will confirm if the Hayne Coaching Group is a good fit for you and your goals. (And, if you aren’t, we will tell you. Because our reputation depends on it!).