Discover the Peer Group Advantage



Improve your bottom line Every CEO/Owner/President seeks a stronger financial statement. Peer Groups combine the collective wisdom of its members to discover ways to increase your profits. We work on strategic and operational issues to nurture sustainable growth all within a secure environment. How do we do this? Peer Groups Find ways to cut costs. Leverage your collective buying power by engaging and growing your […]


Facilitated Peer Groups, led by a trained expert, can grow your company at three times the growth rate of companies not participating in such a group.1 Facilitated Peer Groups bring a talented facilitator together with roofing-specific members to create an environment that is controlled and guided. The leader keeps the meetings on track and egos in check.  He makes sure the questions that need to […]


As a member of a facilitated peer group, you will be connected to non-competing contractors within your industry. Each peer group will typically meet 3 to 4 times per year, facilitated by a true expert in the roofing industry.  All members will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your privacy.  Meetings will include a comprehensive financial review, oral reports by each company on their current […]